Technology Consulting

RAYRISE TECHNOLOGIES Service provider that is drawing rein other types of technological know-how in IT market place, Cloud Computing is defined as working out based on the online world, which allows people to access an assortment of some information & applications over the internet.

Our cloud computing services includes features which are device and location independence, monitoring performance, flexible productivity, high security, maintenance of elasticity and so on.

Cloud computing is comprised of a large pool of equipment that is connected in privately owned or public networking centers that work together to provide you with dynamic national infrastructure for storage. Cloud computing is an important shift from the traditional way of thinking as well as being dramatically adopted by businesses and organizations of all sizes, corporations, & business concerns all across the globe.


Cloud Application Development:

Cloud consulting services undisputedly supply you with the most beneficial & flexible steps involved in avail technology solutions and information through multifaceted environments with brought down capital & running expenses augmenting internet marketing business agility. Our team is expertize in performing all the services required to develop cloud applications which includes database virtualization and architecture services. We follow backup for every step including discovery, development, deployement and retirmement. Basically, our team will have an ideal solution for you to grow your business through our cloud services.

The cloud frees commercial buildings of the worries of putting together & the maintenance of application architectures not to mention delivers their internet marketing business solutions by applying a wide-ranging predefined set of offerings made more captivating by its database products, analytics, artificial cleverness enablers, virtualizations and architectural structures services , all along with the supposed security assurances into position .


Cloud Management Service:

You’ve already heard the term but what is actually Cloud Was always able Services? Fluffy white cloud Managed Products and services provides skilled natural resources that augment in-house functionalities in addition to it infrastructure to always seem in collaboration with a third-party was always able to service provider ( MSP ) by working with cloud online resources. We focuses mainly on Migration, backup and DR, Cost management and optimization, Service request, monitoring and logging, automation, security and compliance, and keep track of all the steps going on through our transport request.

The services supplied with the Cloud Was always able Services commercial world include the managed meet people operations, managed security measure businesses, eventually managed cloud, IT life expectancy never-ending cycle management and was always able capability to move and applications. Cloud Managed Services make it easy for organizations to supplement competences that they lack or to replace functionality or ins and outs that incurred huge happening again costs.


Enterprise Cloud Consulting:

Enterprises are moving straight into Cloud to accelerate internet marketing business processes and keep on continuing competitive. In recent times businesses and organizations have a preference for multi-vendor cloud technique to get the best out of public areas clouds to run their business endeavor operations appropriately.

Our services need less hardware maintenance. Migration and management for the enterprise is highly scalable and supported by the professionals only. Your application deployment complexibilities will be reduced by our skilled persons. 8K Miles’ Cloud Consulting Services consider a holistic step involved in build the business enterprise cloud adoption plan of action in line with the organization’s business needs at fully optimized cost and amount of time without compromising on conformity prerequisites.