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Application migration is the process of transferring an application program or set of applications from one environment to another. This involves migration from a premises enterprise server to a cloud environment or from one cloud environment to another. It could also assign to times when users are migrating the same software from one piece of system hardware to another, or changing both software and hardware simultaneously. Application migration is a generic term that can refer to either a sort of transfer for applications, operating systems, databases, networks, content management systems (CMS), or even an entire IT organization.

A migration is ineluctably essential for almost all applications and websites, from websites using well-known open source applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal, as well as complicated custom enterprise level applications. However migrations are mostly inevitably they are occasionally well-planned, and even less often budgeted for in terms of time and cost.  An inadequately designed and ineffectual execution of a migration can cause consequential delays in migration timeline along with cost overwhelms or worse, information loss or revenue loss eventually culminating in an unnecessarily time-consuming and painful exercise that obstructs the successful modernization of your application and website infrastructure.

Every server migration or application is unique.  Developing a strategy to execute a productive application migration should be based on the type of application needing migration, the type of physical or virtual architecture source and destination you are migrating between and the data volume, especially the dynamic data volume requiring migration.

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