Our blockchain development services are – BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, ICO, WhitePaper,  Crypto Exchanges, Crowdfunding, DAP Blockchain Development, Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contract, ERC20, Payment gateway, ICO,  Decentralized application, Blockchain, CryptoCurrency, Tangle, Directed Acyclic Graph (Dag), Byteball/NEO,  ICO, E-Commerce, Online chat, Web development,  API development- Integration, Software development,  Database/ Updating DB,  CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin Works
– bitcoin wallet and bitcoin payment for website
– bitcoin send & receive payment and bitcoin to various debit card on website
– Cryptocurrency Exchange
– Sending and receiving of Bitcoin via NFC, QR-codes or Bitcoin URLs.
– Add option to report issue with selected payment
– Push notifications for price
– Fast transaction processing: App bitcoin wallet
–  Display of Bitcoin amount in BTC, mBTC and µBTC.
– Buy bitcoin instantly: Using App bitcoin wallet, you can buy bitcoin
instantly through INR account feature
– Connect bank account: You can easily deposit or withdraw money,
and buy or sell bitcoin with your linked bank account.
– Connect credit and debit cards: You can instantly buy bitcoin, and
ether with your linked credit cards
– Account statement: See your full transaction history with all
– Rate widget: See bitcoin rates on your home screen with rate
widget feature.
– Bitcoin price alert: Get bitcoin rate alerts when the price changes.
You can set your own custom alerts from settings.
– Unit: Select bits or bitcoin as your preferred unit from settings.
– Trade bitcoins: Set your own bid (buy) and ask (sell) prices and your
trade will execute automatically when there is a matching offer.

Ethereum / Solidity / ICO / ERC20 token, Cryptocurrency Wallet/Exchange, Initial coin offering(ICO), Smart Contract, White-Paper, BitcoinGold, Forked version, ETH, LTC, and BTC, Block-chain, Ethereum, Virtual Currency, AWS, Nodejs, MongoDB, Bitcoin Interest.

– Smart contracts, Ethereum-based programs with tracking of certain conditions and usage of cryptocurrency
– Ethereum, blockchain-based distributed platform featuring smart contract functionality
– Solidity, Ethereum computer language for writing smart contracts
– Truffle, Ethereum development JavaScript framework
– DApps (decentralized applications), software consisting of frontend and decentralized backend.
– Metamask. Chrome plugin for interacting with Ethereum smart contracts.

We have a special focus on Ethereum ERC20 and ERC223 Token coding. If you need Solidity coding to help launch your ICO, please contact us.

– The simple Bitcoin based wallet with Exchange facility, where everyone can store bitcoins in individual wallet, transfer in/out bitcoins. Exchange & trade bitcoins within exchange.
– Everything is managed on Bitcoin Core & for payment receiving if fail-over happens, alternative third party API will be used.

Solidity CODE-