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Angular Js

Rayrise Technologies Offers best in the world Angular JS development services for mobile applications and websites. Our Angular JS services include Angular JS Consulting, API development, migration services, E-Commerce application development, custom Angular JS development, social and interactive app development, app interface and development, real-time app development, and enterprise development.

We deal with beautiful Angular.js solutions which help in designing and delivering more beautiful web app with declarative templates and data bindings. We are experts in delivering a very powerful JavaScript framework. Our single page applications in angular js stand out of the crowd.

We focus on the interest and goals of our clients to deliver customized and scalable web apps that possess Angular JS technology power. Our well trained and knowledgeable team of Angular JS developers process the technical knows how to create exquisite Angular JS platforms and to increase the ROI.


Web Development Services

We at RAYRISE TECHNOLOGIES make use of ASP.NET to create and develop web applications. Our ASP.NET services are focused on targeting challenging Information Technology problems. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a Startup or a world-leading business enterprise.

Our web development services will provide you with various customized features and numerous cross browser compatibility. These solutions are highly robust, advanced and scalable. Our team is skilled in providing third providing integration and the perfect customization for your website needs.

Our ASP.NET services cover all aspects of the creation of strategies, analysis, testing, designing, implementation, and integration of web systems. With our unique ASP.NET web development services, we enable you to build high traffic web applications for your business. We make use of the ASP.NET Framework for the creation and development of enterprise Grade Web applications.


RAYRISE TECHNOLOGIES enables you to reach out to the market quicker and at less risk. We provide node JS services and solutions for designing enterprise systems and prototyping modular architecture. We also give you updates and information that is required to give you the best possible understanding of the procedures, techniques, designing, development, and management of node JS applications.

We believe in providing our clients the features which are precompiled by us, to make the implementation and working, easier. We assure you a quality node js distribution which will be rapid and cost effective, thus helpful to tackle all your projects and demands. Our solutions are designed to handle multiple client apps, all at a single time.

Our expert node JS team possesses the technical mastery and skills that deliver high-performance applications and ensures complete user satisfaction. We make use of the node JS to create, build and run applications with a view on improving the performance efficiency and security standards.

Python/Django service-

We at RAYRISE TECHNOLOGIES provide assistance in creating and building powerful web applications through Python and Django services. We take your ideas and convert them into reality. Our Python and Django services cover almost every sector which includes Industries, e-commerce, financial sectors, the travel sector, health, information and educational institutions and several others.

Our team is specialized in building the softwares from scratch. Our solutions are basically clear, simple, flixible, scalable as well as fast and reliable. Our combination of Django solution with the Python platform is perfect for the user, to meet its requirements. Our developers provide a paced solution with a given time frame while maintaining the quality of the application.

We specialize in creating both mobile applications as well as web applications with Python and Django. Our services cover third-party API integration, API development E-Commerce application development, scheduled tasks, Django unit test, payment gateway integration, Python functional tests, Search Engine Optimisation, and site rankings, etc

React Native

Rayrise Technologies provides react native development services that create cross-platform applications. These applications that we create operate much faster and efficiently while possessing the react native capabilities. These applications also possess all the great features that come with the react native.

We build great mobile applications for android and IOS, having adeptness with almost sectors including travelling apps, healthcare apps, and financial app and so on. Our solutions include end to end applications and cross app applications development. Our robust and real time mobile applications are prominent solutions for all your requirements.

Rayrise Technologies provides react native Consulting Services, react native development services, react native migration services, and react native team augmentation services and mobile application development leveraging services. Rayrise Technologies expert team members interact with our clients to understand your targets, and goals for your mobile app development with React native, to give you the best possible outcomes and the ultimate client satisfaction.

PhoneGap services

Rayrise Technologies provides was a wide range of PhoneGap services that are capable of creating and implementing a cross-platform app framework. We make use of PhoneGap as a platform for creating, building and developing hybrid mobile apps for your business Enterprises.

We are dedicated to offer a completely scalable software stack. Our expert developers will help your firm to develop a flexible mobile app which will be implemented on every platform and is widely scalable while working with any operating system. Our phone gap solutions are very cost effective and provides with a wide range of features to meet a user’s everyday demand.

Our PhoneGap services include PhoneGap business applications, development of custom PhoneGap apps, offering solutions in regard to PhoneGap shopping carts, providing solutions to e-commerce through PhoneGap, testing of PhoneGap applications, and services in PhoneGap application migration. We also render our services in supporting apps that are compatible across cross platforms. We ensure that our PhoneGap services ensure the development of cost-efficient apps.

Ruby on Rail

Rayrise Technologies makes use of the Ruby On Rails to help in building a modern web application for your business enterprise. Making use of this technology is much easier, efficient, seamless and lots of fun. We understand your need to build applications to reach out to a large audience and to create a friendly community.

Our team is a pioneered member of global ruby on rails developers community and can deliver all your robust requirements in one time frame. Our solutions are very cost effective when it comes to finance. We provide you with the code which will help you in abstracts and simplifies the very common and repititve tasks. Our solutions includes framework such as React and Angular JS.

For this, we make use of the Ruby On Rails that has everything you need. our services cover all applications that are built with this server side web application framework which includes cookpad, twitch, GitHub, Shopify, airbnb, Kullu, zendesk, square, and lots more.

Postgre SQL

Rayrise Technologies provides a wide range of Postgre SQL development and Consulting Services for all companies, whether it is a startup company, a medium or huge Enterprise. Our expert team at Rayrise Technologies possesses extensive knowledge of the Creation, development,  designing, and maintenance of Postgre SQL databases.

Our team is highly skilled in delivering the object relational database management system.We majorly emphasize on its extensibility and tries to maintain the high standards for the same. Our solutions are platform native packages and is suitable for all environments including linux, windows, mac and so on.

Rayrise Technologies delivers Postgre SQL services like that of security compliances, troubleshooting services, monitoring and management of Postgre SQL databases for your company, complete performance check of the maintenance level, security, database security audits, migration assessment, and lots more. We ensure a smooth and seamlessly to the Postgre SQL database, efficiently, without loss of data and unnecessary expenses.

PHP services

Rayrise Technologies offers you unique PHP services that are specially created and designed to introduce PHP into your everyday practices and business activities. We introduce PHP to a whole new professional level for the progress of your business enterprise. We also provide guidance on how to apply and make use of PHP in some of the best industrial practices.

If you want to have a highly dynamic website with lots of features, then our team will be a right choice for you. Our PHP codes are solely robust and meet the requirements of our clients, in a very global level. Our codes have less runtime and is shorter in number. Our solutions are highly portable in every environment.

We at Rayrise Technologies offer you PHP solutions for every web application development project that is undertaken by your company. We offer assistance and update you on all the aspects of PHP through our comprehensive PHP development programs.

Ember Js

Rayrise Technologies offers flexible and user-friendly ember JS applications. You can rest assured that we give you hundred percent satisfactory ember JS app development at an affordable rate that matches your business goals and requirements. Ember JS services are the popular option for single page web applications.

With our open source javascript framework, we provide complete solutions in developing jscript based applications, which will provide solution for both the management of data as well as in the flowing of the application.

It works in perfect synchronously across all web applications, mobile applications, and desktops. Ember JS is the ultimate JavaScript web application Framework that creates your web applications at a faster rate. The ember JS services that we provide comprises of fewer codes and equipped with amazing features Like the auto-updating handlebar templates common idioms and friendly APIs.


Rayrise Technologies provides HTML development services that give you effective and affordable solutions that meet the exact HTML specifications that our clients require. Rayrise Technologies team of HTML developers provides expert services in converting designs into responsive HTML websites.

With our innovative HTML designs, we provide the users to get an amazing web experience while using the website. Our HTML based web pages are highly creative and user friendly. They are low maintenance pages with highly cost effective technologies. A perfect solution for both the client and the user.

We perform responsive implementations that guarantee 100% mobile compatibility during the implementation process of your designs. Transform your existing app to that of an interactive HTML developed one and enjoy the new features and benefits that come with it. We also offer a host of other HTML services that includes HTML app testing, HTML plugin development, as well as support, security, and maintenance.


Rayrise Technologies  provides backbone JS development services to act as the backbone for applications across platforms. We offer guidance in establishing a structure for all of your business web applications as well as in designing them. Our backbone JS services provide you with key-value binding and custom event solutions. We make use of backbone JS in building websites and applications that use HTML or JavaScript.

We follow the latest technologies which support us in giving structures to the web applications by providing various models with the key value bindings and custom events. Our solutions are rich in collections with the API, with the right requirements of the client side applications.

The websites that we deliver through our services are easily operatable, approachable, efficient and well equipped to respond to the various AJAX requests. We deliver only the highest Quality Services and applications that are all equipped to perform any critical situation.


Rayrise Technologies is one of the leading companies providing JavaScript and jQuery web application development services. Our JavaScript and jQuery brainiac team members strive seamlessly to create, build and develop mobile and web applications across all cross platforms to put your business ahead of the competition. JavaScript and jQuery development services extend to web portals, single page web applications, content management systems, custom plugins custom JavaScript framework, enterprise-grade websites, and lots more.

We provide services in the stream of Javascript and Jquery which are mainly based on the client side scripting language. Our codes are mainly written HTML language and our solutions are complimentary to the network centric applications. Jquery and jscript are the highly interpreted programming languages.

Rayrise Technologies provides services in JavaScript based plugin development interactive application development JavaScript-based web portal development, development of custom web applications that includes jQuery and JavaScript frameworks.

jQuery Mobile

We at RAYRISE TECHNOLOGIES make use of the jQuery mobile HTML5 based Framework for creating and developing cross-platform mobile apps and websites. Our jQuery mobile services enable the efficient and easy customization of themes. It is also highly compatible with Cordova, PhoneGap and other mobile app development frameworks.

Our solutions are based on user interface system which is used to design the websites more responsive and the apps are easily accessible on smartphones, tablets and all the other devices. Our experts are highly skilled in using object oriented javascript library for providing responsive applications for mobiles.

We at RAYRISE TECHNOLOGIES provide you with the complete solution for all your hybrid mobile app development. We have been in the business of jQuery mobile app development ever since its Inception. With the jQuery Mobile Framework, we are able to deliver cost-effective and efficient hybrid mobile apps, touch-optimized UI and apps that perform at optimized speed.