3D Animations

3D Graphic, AR /VR/ AI Development, Animation:

The Rayrise Technologies Team consists of experts with significant experience of harnessing 3D and AR/VR/AI technologies for various needs. We can implement various ideas from a VR tour of a facility to an educational 3D application for medical students. Our expertise consists of creating educational 3D programs for the manufacturing and healthcare sectors, developing VR/AR tours for all types of buildings and manufacturing objects, creating high- and low-poly 3D models for game development and cinematic content, creating natural-looking animation of characters’ moves.

We can implement all of your ideas and sketches. Through our company, you get a partner who will realize your VR, 3D or another project in the best possible way, and help achieve desired results.

Areas of expertise:

– 3D engines (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, HTML 5, iOS ARKit, ARCore for Android)

– AR/VR ( Unreal Engine 4, Unity, JS, native scripts)

– Software ( Maya LT, 3d Max, Blender, 3D Coat, Substance Designer/Painter, ZBrush)

– Hardware (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, iPad/iPhone for ARKit projects, Microsoft Hololens)

Our cutting-edge 3D technology in visualizations with precision and accuracy enables you to display an abstract idea with clarity. Cross-platform desktop application modeling helps users create intuitive 3D visualizations of their designs. 3D scanning solutions aid in the process of prototyping and designing We work on a variety of products in this field: from woodworking software and 3D Dental Application to 3D Image Reclaimer Software and 3D Logo Mapping tools. 3D technology can be used in almost every sphere, like education, art/history, architecture, medical/health, engineering, design, science, VR /AR, and many more.

Ready to solve real-world problems and help your businesses become bigger & better with our cutting-edge technology and enterprise solutions? Share your idea, and we will help you unlock its full potential.

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